Sunday, October 17, 2004

Republic 327c12-14

"But are you really able to persuade," he said, "if we do not listen?"
"Not at all," said Glaucon.
"Well, you'd better make up your minds to that, since we won't listen."

[I'm not terribly pleased with my translation of 327c14. One difficulty is what to do with os. The way I've got it, it refers back to the previous comment that P. won't listen. Adams translates "you may make up your mind that we shall refuse to listen," putting the os with the genitive absolute. I'm not sure which is correct.

Another difficulty is the genitive absolute (akousomenon). Since it's in the future tense, it seems to indicate that P., et al. don't intend to listen to S. or G. I think my translation of "since" is too strong, but I couldn't work out another satisfactory way.

It's only taken me one week to translate one Stephanus page. At this rate I'll be done in about six years.]

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