Monday, March 02, 2009

Je aime le matérialisme

This may ring a bell with Burglar more than me since he has direct experience with freshman philosophy students who have "figured it out" after three lectures, but I couldn't help but giggle at this.

The part to which I refer is the very end, where we are treated to the following.

"Really, the weather, it's not an important aspect for driving or protesting ... it's a simple material state, I think. So, people come out in the snow or in the summer, it really doesn't matter to them because they have a message they want to present to the congressmen and senators and they're gonna do it despite whatever happens."

Question: what do the protesters think about the significance or lack thereof of the simple material state of the globe?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stat Challenge

Did everyone notice? Baseball started. Now I can finally procrastinate again.

In memory of losing FireJoeMorgan over the winter, here's a baseball-announcing puzzle.

Sunday, March 1st, bottom of the ninth, Twins-RedSox, two out, two on, Twins down by one. One Dustin Martin steps up to the plate. Since it's Spring Training and there are often whole games where I hardly know who anyone is, I wait with great anticipation for that ever helpful stat box to pop up. Here's what it said:

1-1; AVG: .750; RBI: 1; OBP: .667.

Is there any scenario in which this is possible? Ready ... go!

Oh, and lest our favorite label meet its end, the aptly surnamed Red Sox closer of the day, Hunter Jones, was slinging a textbook Classic Jones.