Monday, January 24, 2005

Republic 329b4-c4

For if this were the cause, I too would have suffered the same things on account of old age, and so would all the others who have come to this age. But now presently I have met with others for whom it is not so, and in particular Sophocles; once I was near the poet when he was asked by someone: 'Sophocles, how do you hold up in sex? Are you still able to be with a woman?' 'Hush man!' he said. 'Gladly did I flee from this, just as if I were escaping from some raging and wild master.'

[The word I've translated "hush" is quite interesting. It means to speak good words, or not to blaspheme. The hymn "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" comes to mind.

I'll forgo another treatise on grammar (there isn't much of note in this passage) and moralize instead. Compare what Cephalus is saying with the view of sex expounded by the cultural elite in America today. Could one ever imagine Hugh Hefner saying these things? Instead of gladly fleeing from the wild and raging master, Hugh feeds it Viagra. What a dolt.]

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