Thursday, January 13, 2005

On Blogging

Not that this has not been said many times already in the last couple of months, and Hugh Hewitt has a new book which I'm sure says much the same thing in more detail, but I almost always enjoy reading Peggy Noonan, who has a good and concise statement on the changing of the guard in the Media. I think it is worth saying many times because we are at a real change: if the fallout will continue, what will next be widely exposed is the "liberal domination" of higher education (which of course many have already been trying to point out for a long time). While I hope the pendulum does not swing to the fully opposite side, what I think is most important is the exposure of the fact that Leftist thought, I believe, has long been propped up by the information filter of MSM. What will happen when that prop is removed? What will happen when the best and the brightest students at "top Universities" no longer tolerate their professors pontificating on politics in Greek class among others (as has been my experience at both UCLA and Berkeley)? I believe that history will reveal the modern democrat as a flash in the pan -- an interesting political phenomenon propped up by contingent factors such as a monopoly on education and the transmission of news information. But I get entirely ahead of myself. Time will tell: I am simply enjoying watching this play out.

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