Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tigers Get Destroyed in SoCal

Went to see the Tigers and Angels game tonight. I thought that since they'd gotten clobbered the first two games, and since Bonderman was pitching, that they'd probably pull this one out. Wrong. They got clobbered again (13-4), and in the worst way. The game was over by the second inning and completely out of reach by the third inning. Bonderman lasted only two and one-third innings. Then Leyland, understandably, pulled Ordonez, Guillen, and Polanco from the game. So essentially I watched the subs play six innings. I did get to see Jones (!) pitch an inning. Not a classic Jones situation, but always fun to watch him work.

The game started at 5:00, which is now my favorite start time for baseball games. It's not too hot, and you're out of the stadium by 8:30.

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