Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Blog

Thought I'd try this for fun. I may only last an hour or so; no promises.

Fitting. Whoever thinks up these ceremonies did well on this. America is at once the most criticized nation on earth, and the most openly self-critical. Whatever we all think of the war in Iraq, we are able to enjoy our most physically gifted citizens playing games into retirement because of the sacrifice of so many -- present and past. We rage against the machine, and yet it is the 'machine' that lets us have the luxury of raging against it while gladly taking social security checks and food stamps. We must not forget these things amidst our healthy doses of criticism. I've never heard the national anthem sung by a full choir before. I like it a lot more than a solo.

Coin Toss
I have never heard a ref explain a coin toss at a major game without stuttering/stumbling through the first several sentences. They always seem like they forget what they are saying because they are listening to themselves on the loudspeaker.

(I) 14:30
The Eagles should get back the fumble. Donovan McNabb is a good quarterback and fun to watch. However, I will be cheering for the Pats. As I tried to explain to some friends on friday, I like sports dynasties when they are built by a lot of hard work combined with talent and determination. For this reason I appreciate the Atlanta Braves, or the Oakland A's. You get the sense that their staff, transported anywhere, would produce a great team. You just don't get that sense with George Steinbrenner and co. or Theo Epstein (Red Sox). For that reason, I say go Patriots: show us some good football.

(II) 10:50
Looks like its going to be a good game. And I lasted an hour. Not much to say about the game, but I took a break to make myself a latte and exploded espresso grounds everywhere. Don't know how that happened. I also figured out the greek numeral system.

(II) 9:50
Eagles finally score! They've had some pretty passing plays.
I just explained the Donkey-Clysdale Bud ads to Kelly. I'm embarassed that I remembered the sequence from last year. Interesting how much the Ad companies bank on EVERYONE watching the super bowl ... EVERY year.

(II) 0:43
Great drive by the Pats to score. Two really pretty passes by Brady at the end. McNabb, like Daunte Culpepper or Michael Vick, is a good quarterback, but a great athlete. Brady is just a great quarterback. Somehow the non-running quarterbacks always seem to come out on top. Here comes Sir Paul ...

Halftime Report
Why do they give the talking heads microphones if they are going to spend their 42 seconds screaming towards the camera saying I don't know what.

Beep beep mmm beep beep yeah.
hmmm ... that was a strange song. At least it didn't inspire any bare breasts. Sorry, cheap shot.
I think my favorite thing about Get Back Jojo is the honky tonk piano.
And ala Jon Koerner Hey Jude is my favorite Beatles song, so I have to say I was pleased. Though having the people make "Na Na" with their little colored squares was definitely the least creative idea possible. I enjoyed it. I think that is the first Super Bowl halftime that I have actually sat back and enjoyed. Libertas!!

I'm going to take a break and come back sometime in the fourth quarter.

End of Game
Well, I got distracted with the daughter. That was a great game. Great quarterbacks, great coaching, I enjoyed myself. Go American pastimes.

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