Sunday, April 05, 2009

Let the Record Show

... that Jim Caple's attempt at prescience is the only one that would not result in a November stoning were we to apply Old Testament prophecy standards to 2009 Major League Baseball Pre-Season predictions.

Therein: 13 out of 21 "experts" (variously defined) have the MN Twins getting to the playoffs; only 2 predict the Tigers to assert themselves (though the Tigers did snag the "Dark Horse" pick from Rob Neyer and Jason Stark, who are more "expert" than most). In fairness will I have to spot the Burglar some good odds this year?

On the eve of the real beginning of baseball: may injuries not be the bane of destiny!


Burglar said...

Are the OT standards for prophecy that you have in mind the ones that require a baseball expert to predict the Twins to win it all?

I don't know why people are so down on the Tigers this season. Some people suspect that the bad economy will force the Tigers to sell off top players (e.g., Cabrera) in midsummer. I doubt that. The owner, Mike Illitch, is committed to winning, and he's got deep pockets. He's not going to sell if he thinks he's got a chance to win.

What the Tigers still need is reliable starting pitching and a reliable closer. (There's not much I wouldn't give to have Nathan as my closer this season.)

Last year, the Tigers got killed in the first month of the season and never really recovered. If they can play .500 ball for the first two months, they're still in the mix.

Thorgersen said...

That is what I have loved about being an American League Central fan for the last ... almost decade now. It's hard to make people believe me when I say it, but what I love about sports is the tension of close matches, even if one does perhaps "unjustly" lose (such as the Twins-ChiSox one-game playoff last year: but what a fun way to end a season!). So, I agree. Come on, Tigers! Also, you have to have teams you love to hate: I would "let" the Royals win it every year if I could get in exchange humiliating seasons for both Indians and ChiSox.

OT Prophecy standards means one would get stoned for predicting an untruth, which, yes, is clearly going to be anything but Twins Total Domination.