Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Post! A Very Palpable Post!

Now that spring training is under way, there's something to live for again.

Anyway, the Tigers held a charity auction in which the winner gets to sit in the dugout with Tigers manager Jim Leyland during a spring training game and make managerial decisions. The winner, one Steve Nagengast, said he didn't think he knew enough about baseball to make it as a big-league manager. Leyland replied that Nagengast shouldn't be too hard on himself since the media think anyone can do the job. The kicker:

Leyland, a longtime smoker, then added he'd probably have Nagengast chain-smoking by the third inning. "If you want to be the real Jim Leyland," Leyland said, "you better bring a carton of Marlboros."

Cover the children's ears lest they start puffing away trying to be the real Jim Leyland! I'm sure Leyland got a call from the commissioner's office for that comment.

But we can have some fun with this formula: "If you want to be the real _________, you better bring _________."

I'll go first with an obvious one: If you want to be the real Roger Clemens, you better bring a good supply of needles.

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