Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Liveblogging Todd Jones's "relief" appearance against the Angels (5/23/07)

Top of ninth, Tigers lead 8-6

Reggie Willits
1: Strike
2: Ball
3: Foul
4: Foul
5: Hit (infield single off Jones's glove)

Orlando Cabrera
1: Ball
2: Ball (some controversy about whether Cabrera swung; it seems he did); Willits steals second
NB: Classic Jones start: Get a runner on second, nobody out.
3: Foul
4: Base hit to left

NB: Still on track for a classic Jones: Nobody out, runners on first and third, now facing the other team's best hitter.

Vladimir Guerrero
1: Foul
2: Hits into double play; run scores

NB: More classic Jones: Give up a run, get two outs.

Gary Matthews, Jr.
1: Ball
2: Flies out to center

As you can see, this outing meets all the necessary and sufficient conditions for a "classic Jones."

1. Jones must come on with more than a one-run lead so that he can give up at least one run.
2. Jones must get runners on the bases early from a fluke hit or error.
3. Jones must face one of the other team's top hitters.
4. Jones must benefit from a solid defensive play.
5. Jones must give up a run (often in exchange for an out or two).
6. Jones must let the other team hit into the final out; the motive here seems to be to avoid striking anyone out.

Perhaps you can also surmise from this that Jones is the leading cause of anxiety among Tigers' fans.

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